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This is a web portal designed specifically for Registrar Houses; serving as repository for companies on their shareholdings and acting as a gateway for stockbrokers, shareholders and company secretaries.

The solution brings together the Registrar Houses and their clients i.e. the client companies, stockbrokers and the company shareholders under a single platform to allow for seamless information sharing, research, lodgment and tracking online.

Some of the features of this solution includes:

  • Provides a platform for corporate information management, authoring and presentation (Website)
  • Provides a platform for Client Companies research
  • Provides a platform for Stockbroker Lodgment Tracking
  • Provides Shareholders access to their shareholdings.
  • Provides an Email and/or SMS Notification System
  • Provides secured access to information
  • Provides both administrators and registered users a self management utility.
  • Interfaces easily with core in-house application.
  • Provides easily navigatable and user friendly interfaces
  • Provides role-based security setup for users.

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