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Our Corporate Focus

Vision Statement
To grow to become a household name as one of the nation’s leading IT Solution Providers with global recognitions in the first few years of operation.

Mission Statement
We are committed to providing cost effective solutions that is characterised by technological innovations, ingenuity and simplicity to all sectors of the economy in a manner that will contribute significantly to the overall success of the organization and help provide competitive advantage needed towards gaining market leadership. That is the reason at Mindworks we say we are making IT work for you.

Core Values


We believe our clients are the very reasons we are in business, therefore we do our best to give them all the attention they deserve to maintain their loyalty and trust.


We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism in the way we work and conduct ourselves at all times; observing standards and ethics acceptable by the global community.


As ambitious as the word perfection is, we make it a point of duty to achieve it in every service and product we deliver. At Mindworks, excellence to us is a mindset.


We are a relationship driven company and we are committed to having pleasurable and long-lasting ties with our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders. We consider this as a key success factor in our business.


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